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Hello Friends and Family,
We had intended on reopening April 1st, however, in the best interest of safety of both community and family, we have decided to remain closed until further notice. Obviously, many factors are taken into consideration when making this decision, not the least of which is service to our beloved community. In this case, we chose safety. We miss you all dearly and look forward to serving you all again soon.
With love,
Laura and Eric

our love note...

Newfangled Kitchen emerged from what seems like a lifetime of evenings listening to records and cooking with amazing conversations between Laura and myself. Food, of course, was always a staple of the talking points, specifically meatloaf sandwiches! Inevitably, those “working” chats would circle back to service. Service to guests, service to community, service to anyone and everything. This became our mantra to what would ultimately become Newfangled Kitchen and how we chose to live our lives moving forward. In a time where corporate chains dominate the landscape, Newfangled Kitchen is our little gourmet meatloaf sandwich shop focused, dare I say obsessed, on serving our guests with love and sincerity. We look forward to serving you!